About the Journal

  • Biomaterials Translational (ISSN: 2096-112X)is an international journal publishing research at the interface of translational medicine, biomaterials science and engineering. The journal publishes original, high-quality, peer-reviewed papers including original research articles, reviews, viewpoints and comments. Translational medicine is an interdisciplinary field that applies emerging new technologies and sciences to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human disease, with a particular focus on animal disease models in the application of biomaterials for treatments. Thus, the journal highlights breakthrough discoveries in basic science and clinical application of biomaterials, as well as other significant findings related to the translation of biomaterials. The scope of the journal covers a wide range of physical, biological, and chemical sciences that underpin the design of biomaterials and the clinical disciplines in which they are used. This journal is oriented towards materials scientists and chemists who are interested in the clinical applications of novel biomaterials as well as clinicians from all disciplines who are interested in materials sciences.

    Original articles will be considered for publication within, but not limited to, the following domains:
    ● Investigation of human biology and pathogenesis of diseases with potential applications of biomaterials in treatment 
    ● Synthesis, characterization and biomedical potential of metallic, ceramic, polymeric, composite and hybrid biomaterials
    ● Physical, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and toxicological features of biomaterials
    ● Drug and gene delivery system design, with a focus on its application to disease conditions
    ● Short-term and long-term biocompatibility of biomaterials
    ● In vivo disease models and the biology of the host response in application of novel biomaterials
    ● Biomaterials design for modern diagnosis and therapeutic clinical practice (bioimaging, biosensing, biotherapy)
    ● Stem cell–biomaterial-based tissue engineering 

    The journal is sponsored and published by Chinese Medical Association and executed by Shanghai University.

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