For Authors

    Using the Template
  • 1. If typing your manuscript directly into the template, select (highlight) the text of the template that you want to replace and begin typing your manuscript (i.e., select the Title section for typing in your title).
    2. If you have already prepared your document in another file, you will need to use the attached template to format your working document. There are two possible approaches:
    a. Use the following template as the new version of your manuscript. You can copy the corresponding text and replace different section using Paste “Keep Text Only” function. Do this for all sections of the manuscript.
    b. Click in the sentence or paragraph and then go to the Home tab and select the relevant Word Style.  This will apply the Word Style to the entire text (sentence or paragraph). Do this for all sections of the manuscript.
    3. To insert graphics within the text or as a figure, chart, scheme, or table, create a new line and insert the graphic where desired. If your graphic is not visible, ensure that the Word Style is “Normal” with an automatic height adjustment. If the size of the artwork needs to be adjusted, re-size the artwork in your graphics program and re-paste the artwork into the template.
    4. Ensure that page numbers are present on all pages before submitting your manuscript.
    5. Delete these instructions and any sections that are not needed.
    6. Save the file with the graphics in place: select Save As (File menu) and save it as a document file (not a .dot template file).
    7. Proof the manuscript to ensure that all parts of the manuscript are present and clearly legible.

    Download Template for Research Article

    Download Template for Review Article 
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